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Olive oil in capsules with isomalt

Olive oil candy - looks fancy, right?

Olivenöl gekapselt in Isomalt

Olivenöl in Isomalt gekapelt

100g Isomalt
olive oil - about 100 ml - depending on success.

Tools: silicone mat, sugar thermometer, small pouring carafe for the oil, small round cookie cutters, lots of kitchen paper for failed attempts.

Simmer isomalt slowly until all dissolved. Preferably in a white-bottomed saucepan. Heat to 146 degrees, bubbling.

Cool to 120 degrees.Now.

Work with a cookie cutter(s). The sugar will soak you quickly and so you don't have to clean them all the time....

For cleaning, it is best to provide a bowl of warm water, hot also works of course, and put the used molds in it. Then you have clean ones again when the next mold is no longer usable.

Please remember that 120 degrees is quite warm and you use metal molds, because they are heat resistant.

Now you put a cookie cutter in the pot, turn it a little and see that a closed layer of sugar forms at the bottom. If not, the encapsulation will not work, of course; then the sugar is still too hot, or already too cold. Unfortunately, the only thing that helps is trial and error. You can always reheat the Isomalt if it gets too cold.

Immediately hold the sugared cutter over a silicone mat and fill it with a little oil. Pull the whole thing up a bit, gently place the capsule on the mat and twist at the same time to close the capsule. Hold and cap with scissors. With time you get there very nice individual shapes.

But there are also many failed attempts - even though this is never the case on YouTube.