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Shokupan devided in the middle


Shokupan or Hokkaido milk bread is comparable to toast, sandwich bread and brioche. Easy to make, sure to succeed, tastes good as a sandwich untoasted…

Butter-Brioche  Toast, aufgerissen

Butter brioche toast

The recipe is from Marcel Paa. The toast is super fluffy and tastes wonderful, though slightly yeasty.

Tarte flambe with onions and bacon


Die beste Entdeckung, die ich gemacht habe ist der Biohof Bursch in Bornheim. Denn da bekomme ich den ultimativen Flammkuchenteig. Besser geht nicht.…

The gem of bread in the whole

Whole wheat sourdough bread

With autolysis, rye sourdough and overnight proofing - a small amount of buckwheat flour adds a special touch.

Belgische Waffeln mit Puderzucker

Belgian waffles

Belgian waffles sweet for breakfast

4 Cornflake Marshmello Chocolate Chip Cookies

Milk Bar's Cornflake Marshmellow Chocolate Chip Cookies

A recipe from Christina Tosi, of the legendary Milk Bar. I have adapted it for myself. You can find the original online. But this is how it fits for…

Fluffy spanisch bread cut in halfs

Spanish Bread

Pan Gallego - a recipe from Marcel Paa. I took less water but got a great result.